The SwiftUI Shapes Live Series

Follow along in this series if you want to learn how to create shapes to enhance your UI in your apps.
Introduction to Creating Shapes
Using the Path Object to Draw Shapes
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Your Path Canvas
105 KB
Benefits of Shapes
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Episode 1: The Trapezium Shape
Creating a Reusable Trapezium
2.02 MB
What is a Trapezium?
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Examples in UI
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SwiftUI Shapes Live: 1 -The Trapezium
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Episode 2: The Curved-Side Rectangle
Creating a Curved-Side Rectangle
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Examples in UI
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Shape Path Plan
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About Quad Curves
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Keeping the Shape Within the Frame
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SwiftUI Shapes Live: 2 - Creating a Curve-Sided Rectangle to Enhance UI
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Episode 3: The Wave Shape
Creating a Reusable Wave Shape
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Examples in UI
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The Shape Path Plan
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Customizing the Wave
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The New Offset Plan
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SwiftUI Shapes Live: 3 - The Wave
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Episode 4: The Triangular Shape
Creating a Reusable Triangle
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Examples in UI
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The Shape Path Plan
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Customizing the Triangle with an X Offset
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SwiftUI Shapes Live: 4 - The Triangle Shape
TheTriangularShape -
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