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Hi, my name is Mark and welcome to Big Mountain Studio.

In the next few minutes you are going to discover how you can be on the road to mastering SwiftUI just like many other iOS developers from all over the world.

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It shows you the biggest conceptual and code changes that can make SwiftUI difficult to learn, if not known.


Here's how it works:
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Are you tired of getting lost or bored looking at endless text and code samples?

The book has OVER 350 SCREENSHOTS to teach you SwiftUI.


Continuous Updates!

Like Swift, SwiftUI will be changing as time goes on. Even during the writing of this book, I have updated over 10 times so far.

How do I get book sample updates?

To get notified of when new versions comes out, you have to allow me to send you emails. Yes, you even get updates on the free book sample. 😉
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SwiftUI Views (FREE Sample)

Get this free book sample now which could be a book in itself! With over 200 pages and over 150 screenshots, this book will quickly put you ahead of most developers.

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