SwiftUI Weekend Kickstarter Course by Mark Moeykens

Don't Be Left Behind

Don't let your UIKit projects hold you back from learning SwiftUI.
Find out how you can actually add SwiftUI to your UIKit projects!

Where do UIKit Developers Start with SwiftUI?

This course will help you start using SwiftUI in your existing UIKit applications.

How can I add SwiftUI to my UIKit project?

You're going to learn 2 ways to add a SwiftUI screen to your UIKit app:
  • Using the Storyboard
  • Through Code

Can I pass data to a SwiftUI view and back?

You can! You're going to learn 2 ways to pass data to your SwiftUI view:
  • Through a segue
  • Through code

What are Property Wrappers and how do they work?

This is a common question I hear a lot. So let's get to the bottom of what property wrappers actually do.

Can SwiftUI be used to create complex UIs?

How are complex UIs built using SwiftUI? 
I'll teach you the 3 key components to building complex layouts.

Can you create Table Views in SwiftUI?

You actually have multiple ways to create table view presentations in SwiftUI. This course will walk you through all of them and talk about the benefits of each.

How can I create Collection Views with SwiftUI?

There are two ways you can do this. You will learn how to get started with both of them.

What if SwiftUI does not have a UIKit equivalent?

There may be a case where you need a UIKit component inside of SwiftUI. What do you do? 
I'll show you how you can use:
  • UIKit controls in SwiftUI
  • UIViewControllers in SwiftUI

Prepare to Explore!

Imagine being able to start using SwiftUI next week in your existing UIKit projects. 
This course is designed to open that door for you. 
Once that door is open you can then explore the many fantastic SwiftUI resources out there!


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Explore the Course In-Depth

3 mins
How can I transition and leverage my UIKit knowledge?
How Can I Leverage My UIKit Knowledge?
4 mins
What are the advantages of SwiftUI?
What are the Advantages of using SwiftUI?
5 mins
Other Benefits
How can I add SwiftUI to my existing UIKit project?
How can I show a SwiftUI view on my UIKit storyboard?
4 mins
Walkthrough - Adding a SwiftUI view to a UIKit app storyboard
7 mins
How can I show a SwiftUI view using code?
2 mins
Walkthrough - Presenting a SwiftUI view with code
5 mins
How do I pass data from a UIViewController to a SwiftUI view?
How do I pass data into a SwiftUI view using a Segue?
3 mins
Walkthrough - Pass Data to SwiftUI Using a Segue
13 mins
How do I pass data into a SwiftUI view using code?
2 mins
Walkthrough - Pass Data to SwiftUI Using Code
8 mins
How do I pass data from a SwiftUI view back to a UIViewController?
The 2 steps needed to sending data back from a SwiftUI view
3 mins
Walkthrough - Getting Data from SwiftUI
13 mins
What are property wrappers and how do they work?
What Are Property Wrappers?
3 mins
How do I create complex UIs with SwiftUI?
What are the basics of creating a complex UI?
3 mins
How do you use the VStack, HStack and ZStack?
10 mins
Part 1 - How do I create a complex UI layout?
15 mins
Part 2 - How do I customize the TextField view?
8 mins
Part 3 - How do I create rounded rectangle backgrounds and use nesting?
10 mins
How do I create table views and collection views in SwiftUI?
How can I create views that look like UITableViews?
3 mins
Walkthrough - How to create Lists, Scrolling VStacks and LazyVStacks
14 mins
How can I create views that look like UICollectionViews?
4 mins
Walkthrough - How to create a collection view in SwiftUI
14 mins
What if SwiftUI doesn’t have the UIKit control I need?
How can I use UIKit controls and view controllers within SwiftUI?
6 mins
Walkthrough - How to use a UIKit control in SwiftUI
11 mins
Walkthrough - How to use a UIViewController in SwiftUI
7 mins
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The final question...
3 mins
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Can I only use SwiftUI if I start a new app?

No. You can start using SwiftUI today within your existing UIKit applications. This course will teach you how.

Why should I learn SwiftUI?

  • Have you ever run into storyboard merge conflicts? 
  • Have you ever had to debug mysterious constraint conflicts? 
  • Are you still messing with content hugging and and content compression resistance priorities? 
These things no longer exist in SwiftUI. And these are only SOME of the benefits.

Can I really navigate from a UIViewController to a SwiftUI screen?

Yes! Not only will I show you a how to do it using a storyboard and with just code, I'll also walk you through how to pass data to the SwiftUI screen and back to the view controller.

SwiftUI layout is so different. Will it take me a long time to learn?

No, it won't. You will learn the 3 basic layout views that alone will enable you to build complex layouts.

Have you really created over 1,000 SwiftUI views?

Yes! I have exceeded well over 1,000 views since SwiftUI was first in beta back in 2019. 😃


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SwiftUI Weekend Kickstarter Course

Spend less time creating rich UIs with SwiftUI within your UIKit apps!

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  • Help you transition to SwiftUI
  • Enable you to start using SwiftUI in your UIKit apps
  • Assist you in understanding layout in SwiftUI
  • Help you understand how to use UIKit controls and view controllers in SwiftUI
Then you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Hi! I'm Mark

Having created over 1,000 SwiftUI views, I help developers get started with SwiftUI with free visual starter guides for SwiftUI views and SwiftUI animations.

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Weekend Kickstarter was great and worth the $$$ as I'm so busy and just frantically started learning SwiftUI 🎯
Jim Fetters
It filled in a lot of holes that still existed regarding integrating the two frameworks. As a whole it showed that it is not that hard to integrate the SwiftUI framework into UIKit and vice versa.

Make the change to SwiftUI progressively by seeing how easy it is to create Views without storyboard.
Chris Parker
I loved that I learned how to integrate SwiftUI but using different approaches, storyboards and code.

This introduction will help you learn SwiftUI integrating it to your current projects, there is no need for a whole new SwiftUI project.
Juan Dorado