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SwiftUI Video Reference Library

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Organize using Layout

Layout views help organize SwiftUI views on the screen.
  • Using horizontal & vertical ScrollViews
  • Positioning elements with Spacer
  • Creating Grids & Tables
  • Adding a background color

Control Views

Controls allow interaction with our app.
  • Using Pickers to select dates
  • Using on/off Switches
  • 3 ways to capture text input
  • Navigating from screen to screen
ALL controls are covered in the Library.

Shapes, Color & Images

You can use existing shapes or create your own.
  • Learn what all shapes have in common
  • How to create your own shapes
  • Create customized strokes
  • Working with Images & Symbols

Working with Gradients

Learn all the gradient types.
  • Creating angular, radial, and linear gradients
  • Using multiple colors in gradients
  • Custom positioning of colors in gradients
  • Tiling images for cool backgrounds


Get customization ideas for your SwiftUI views!
  • Using custom fonts
  • Customizing your own buttons
  • List customization alternatives
  • TabView customization restrictions


Bring your UI to the next level with animations. 
Easy implement:
  • Basic animations
  • Transitions
  • Spring animations
  • Matched Geometry Effects

Learn to Work with Data

One of the most confusing subjects, I break down the topics into easy parts you can learn, such as:
  • What @State is used for
  • How @StateObject is different
  • @ObservedObject and when and when NOT to use it
  • How to connect data to UI with ObservableObjects
  • How to create Previews with data

Your SwiftUI Reference Library is the ultimate one-stop, go-to resource for answers to your SwiftUI questions.

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Explore Your Library In-Depth (Note: More will be added in December, see below)

Organize Screen Elements with Layout Views
7 mins
13 mins
10 mins
14 mins
7 mins
5 mins
12 mins
19 mins
16 mins
6 mins
Add Screen Elements with Control Views
6 mins
5 mins
6 mins
6 mins
6 mins
4 mins
3 mins
6 mins
10 mins
7 mins
7 mins
NavigationView with Data
6 mins
9 mins
9 mins
8 mins
5 mins
7 mins
7 mins
6 mins
10 mins
7 mins
8 mins
5 mins
13 mins
Text - Custom Fonts
5 mins
8 mins
15 mins
6 mins
Enhance UI Design With Shapes and Other Views
Shapes Introduction
10 mins
Shape Outlines - Strokes
11 mins
Shapes With Views
9 mins
12 mins
3 mins
4 mins
5 mins
Image Symbol
8 mins
Path Introduction
10 mins
SwiftUI Shapes Live Series
Enhance UI Design with Gradients and Colors
8 mins
11 mins
6 mins
5 mins
Touch Up Your Views With Modifiers (Coming Soon)
153 KB
Let's Add Animations To Your App (Coming Soon)
188 KB
Making Your App Work Correctly With Data (Coming Soon)
177 KB

The Xcode Project

You'll get full access to the Xcode project with ALL of the code samples included from all the lessons.
  • Grouped by Section to match Library
  • Arranged in order of appearance
  • Ready for copying and pasting code

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  • Help you learn about all the layout and control views
  • Give you ideas to customize SwiftUI views
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Is this a course?

Not exactly. This is a reference library where you can start with ANY topic to learn more about it and to get ideas on how it works and how to customize it and find out what it can and can't do.

But you certainly can treat it as a course and watch all the videos all the way through. 😃

Does this replace all other courses out there?

No. This is the library you come back to when you start working on YOUR projects.

Linear courses (where you start from the beginning and go through to the end) are VERY important. They teach processes for assembling all the pieces of your apps.

This library teaches one topic at a time. It is very focused so you get exactly what you need and nothing more (unless you watch the other videos).