SwiftUI Animations Mastery by Mark Moeykens

What is the Fastest Way to Become a Master at SwiftUI Animations?

From beginner to master, find out how this "video" book uses the most effective ways to teach SwiftUI Animations.

Where Do I Start?

SwiftUI does animations differently.
You start by adjusting your concepts of how animations work in SwiftUI.

What If I'm a Beginner at SwiftUI Animations?

That's totally fine! I start you off simple. 
You will see animations for all code samples too.

Do You Like Step-By-Step Instructions?

Each chapter is formatted like this:
  • Teach related concepts (video and code)
  • Step-by-step practical exercise on building an animation
  • Summary
  • Check your understanding

Do You Like A Challenge?

Now it's time to apply what you learned. 

In every chapter there will be challenges where you will be shown a preview and some criteria.

Are you ready?

Discover a New World with SwiftUI Animations!

New in iOS 14

Learn with over 140 pages of how to use  matchedGeometryEffect the right way while avoiding endless hours of struggle.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If this book doesn't:
  • Help you understand SwiftUI Animations
  • Help improve your UI/UX with animations
  • Supply you with quick answers
Then you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.


How do I get the new version of the book when updates are made?

When you download a book, you create an account that gives you access. Simply log in again and you will have access to all your updated products. Go into each product and download the newest version. 
I usually include the date in the file name so you can easily see if you have the latest version or not.

The book is too expensive for my country. Do you have other options?

Here are some options:
  1. You can always start with the free SwiftUI book sample to get you learning SwiftUI.
  2. Get work to pay for it. Many times employers will reimburse employees for educational expenses, including books.
  3. Another option is to use the payment plan which breaks down the price into 3 easy payments.
  4. Lastly, you can join my affiliate program for free! Simply share what you have created in SwiftUI, or share your thoughts about the free book sample on social media and reference the book with your affiliate link to get commissions on books sold. You get 20% for every book sold. Get 5 sales to earn enough commission to get the book for free!

How do I get a copy of my invoice so my employer can reimburse me?

  1. While logged in, click on your Profile picture and select Billing to see your purchases.
  2. You will see a section called "Invoices". Click on the date (link) of your product.
  3. In the upper right corner you will see a "Download" button. Click that to download a PDF file of the Invoice/Receipt.

I don't have time to read a book!

Then don't read it! Just go through and look at all the videos and pictures
You won't remember ever single screenshot and video (if you can, I'll be super impressed) but you will get an idea of the variety of everything you can do. When you come to a SwiftUI problem, you will remember the video/screenshot. Go to the book and open it and get the code you need.


Get the full Xcode project behind the book.
  • Over 350 Swift Files
  • Experimental animations not in the book
  • All the assets used in the book

SwiftUI Animations Mastery

Master SwiftUI animations the easy way!
Start easily learning all the secrets of SwiftUI animations in the fastest and easiest way possible.

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