SwiftUI Animations Quick Start by Mark Moeykens

What if you could learn SwiftUI Animations and apply them to your apps all in one weekend?

Find out how this "video" book uses the most EFFECTIVE way to teach SwiftUI Animations.
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Where Do I Start?

SwiftUI does animations differently.
You start by adjusting your concepts of how animations work in SwiftUI.
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What If I'm a Beginner at SwiftUI Animations?

That's totally fine! I start you off simple. 
You will see animations for all code samples too.
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Do You Like Step-By-Step Instructions?

Each chapter is formatted like this:
  • Teach related concepts (video and code)
  • Step-by-step practical exercise on building an animation
  • Summary
  • Check your understanding
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SwiftUI Animations Quick Start

Stop struggling and finally understand how to put together SwiftUI animations so that your apps become better than the competition.
Imagine being able to quickly and easily add animations to your SwiftUI screens.

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Hi! I'm Mark

I help developers learn new technologies without them having to be a genius by breaking down complex technical concepts into easily learned pieces with examples.

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