SwiftUI Views Mastery Bundle by Mark Moeykens

What's the Fastest Way to Learn and Master SwiftUI?


Don't waste time searching

Where did you see that solution?
  • Was it on YouTube?
  • A blog post?
  • Maybe it was in that course you did a few months ago?
  • Or a tweet you saw on Twitter?
  • No wait, one of the WWDC videos...you think?

Too much code?

Have you ever tried learning from a book that had:
  • Too much talking?
  • Too much code?
  • Not enough or NO pictures?
These books are no fun and difficult to learn from.

Introducing: SwiftUI Views Mastery Book Bundle

The SwiftUI book you've been looking for.
Get all your answers in one central visual reference book without wasting time searching and trying to find the answers.
I Want This Book Bundle!

Start Learning Easily

Here's how this book works:
  • You learn one topic at a time to avoid confusion
  • You see the visual result to better understand what the code is doing
  • THEN you see the code that created it
Look & Learn!

Be Superior!

This book takes advantage of the "Picture Superiority Effect".
A scientific term which believes that the brain is able to process images approximately 60,000 times faster than it processes a similar amount of written information!
You're going to remember pictures faster than code. And that's why this book will be giving you an advantage with a screenshot (or video) on every page.

Start Your Journey to Mastering SwiftUI Views By Learning the Basics:

Continue Your Journey With The Basics


Continue To Mastery

Contains SwiftUI 2.0 (iOS 14) Updates


You get ALL of this when you buy today:

The Full Xcode Project

Over 580 SwiftUI files with all the code in the book. 

Not only that, but there are extras in there that are not in the book.

With this project, you can easily access code, copy, and instantly use it in your own projects.

Talk about saving time!

SwiftUI Views Study Guide

Challenge yourself with the SwiftUI Views Study Guide!
I'll show you views and code and ask you questions about it.
This will sharpen your mind and help get you "thinking" in SwiftUI.
It's all part of the full immersion system.

Flashcard Decks

Got 5 minutes?
These flashcard decks are meant to help you study SwiftUI on your phone with just one view or one modifier at a time.
Install these on your phone and pull them up when you have a couple minutes.

Want My Custom Xcode Theme?

This is my dark mode theme which is also used in the book. I've had many customers ask me for my personal Xcode theme used to create the book. 
Well, now it's included when you buy the book!
So go forth and code in style. 😎

What Other Developers Are Saying...

Writing a book to teach such a visual topic as SwiftUI is not an easy task. Mark has achieved a terrifically useful result with this "recipe book" format. Scroll through the pages until you see a look you want to achieve and the code is right there.
Sarah Reichelt (@trozware)
This book is comprehensively easy to understand and grasp the form of programming! I’m a visual learner, and need practical application! This book does it all for me.  Thanks again for putting it together! Great Job Sir!
EJ Sneaker (@esneaker30)
This book is one of those things I constantly keep open on my computer for reference while I work; it has helped me so much, I love it! I’m a visual learner, so being able to see the code side-by-side with the UI example is golden!
Scott Smith (@scottsmithdev)
I love the content and the way Mark presents it! This is a fantastic book to have as you are developing your SwiftUI apps! Thanks, Mark
Caleb Wells (@cr_wells)
An absolutely stunning, informative, work of art. Mark has consolidated everything you need to know about SwiftUI into a beautiful book with code snippets and pictures.
Kilo Loco (@Kilo_Loco)
I think it is a great reference point for developers who want to dive into SwiftUI. Even for experienced Swift developers, it is very handy to look stuff up with. Good job!
Reshad Farid
SwiftUI Views is the most comprehensive resource about working with SwiftUI that I've seen. Mark Moeykens side-by-side format of previews and code make it incredibly easy to comprehend what's going on. A must for every pragmatic SwiftUI developer!
Reinder de Vries (LearnAppMaking.com)
The book helped a non-designer like me breathe life into my UI. With Mark’s clear, concise tips it’s like a delightful surprise is waiting on every page.
Michael Lysons
I’ve loved using SwiftUI Views for my current app-development work. It’s a fantastic reference on the ins-and-outs of SwiftUI development, and the easy-to-use presentation style works well for anyone needing to quickly check on just what’s possible with SwiftUI. Great job Mark!
Graham Reynolds (@granito84)
I'm really enjoying the visual format of the book, especially for learning something like SwiftUI. I love seeing the view and the code that creates that result with added notes to help you navigate around pitfalls. Pitfalls which probably took Mark hours to solve.
It's easy to jump in and hop around as a reference guide but can also be enjoyed front to back as I'm doing now. I'll definitely be referring back to this during my SwiftUI development.
Chris Ching - CodeWithChris


What's the difference between the free SwiftUI book sample and the full book?

The free SwiftUI book sample contains about 200 pages and has over 150 screenshots to get you started in SwiftUI. The full version has over 725 pages and 420 screenshots and videos. The full version will continually get added to with more content in the future.
Also, the full book comes with the complete Xcode project with over 530 SwiftUI files (a $500 value).

How do I get the new version of the book when updates are made?

When you download a book, you create an account that gives you access. Simply log in again and you will have access to all your updated products. Go into each product and download the newest version. 
I usually include the date in the file name so you can easily see if you have the latest version or not.

The book is too expensive for my country. Do you have other options?

Here are some options:
  1. You can always start with the free SwiftUI book sample to get you learning SwiftUI.
  2. Get work to pay for it. Many times employers will reimburse employees for educational expenses, including books.
  3. Another option is to use the payment plan which breaks down the price into 2 easy payments.
  4. Lastly, you can join my affiliate program for free! Simply share what you have created in SwiftUI, or share your thoughts about the free book sample on social media and reference the book with your affiliate link to get commissions on books sold. You get 20% for every book sold. Get 5 sales to earn enough commission to get the book for free!

How do I get a copy of my invoice so my employer can reimburse me?

  1. While logged in, click on your Profile picture and select Billing to see your purchases.
  2. You will see a section called "Invoices". Click on the date (link) of your product.
  3. In the upper right corner you will see a "Download" button. Click that to download a PDF file of the Invoice/Receipt.

Can I copy code out of the book?

You can! We have found that you will get better results when using any other PDF reader besides Preview. The Preview app (default PDF reader) doesn't do such a great job with copying and will sometimes paste words out of order. 🤷‍♂️
The ePub isn't very good though as it puts quotes around whatever you copy and automatically adds where you got the quote from. There is nothing I can do about this.
Your best option is having the Xcode project so you can alter, test, copy, paste code quickly.

I don't have time to read a book!

Then don't read it! Just go through and look at all the pictures
You won't remember ever single screenshot (if you can, I'll be super impressed) but you will get an idea of the variety of everything you can do. When you come to a SwiftUI problem, you will remember the screenshot. Go to the book and open it and get the code you need.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If this book doesn't:
  • Help you understand SwiftUI
  • Save you time in your development
  • Supply you with quick answers
Then you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

SwiftUI Views Mastery Bundle

SwiftUI Views Mastery Bundle

To recap, this bundle includes:
  • SwiftUI Views Mastery book (PDF & ePub) $57
  • BONUS: The FULL Xcode Project ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: SwiftUI Views Study Guide ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: SwiftUI Views Flashcard Decks ($47 Value)
  • BONUS: My Personal Xcode Editor Theme ($17 Value)

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