SwiftUI brought us a new age of development. It came out of nowhere and amazed us but we didn't realize this would happen...

Minds Blown...

Apple amazed us with the amazing capabilities of SwiftUI. They showed us new ways of layout without constraints, automatic support for dynamic type, dark mode and accessibility features.

What couldn't it do?

Go and Explore SwiftUI...

After the event the developers started to learn this new technology.
It was unexplored territory.
It was fun!
It was new!

And then the nightmares started...

No overview available...

When trying to figure out a view, a control, how to connect data, every developer ran into it...
The dreaded "No overview available." in Apple's help documentation. The help documents were missing, incomplete and confusing.

And to make things worse...

Betas. Bugs. Deprecations...

The enthusiasm quickly faded. Every beta release broke more code, created more bugs and things that used to work were now deprecated.

SwiftUI was looking depressing.

And it hasn't gotten much better. Only 40% of SwiftUI has documentation. And now there are many out-dated tutorials and courses that only create confusion.

So HOW can I quickly and accurately learn SwiftUI?


Not everyone gave up...
Some took on the responsibility to help their fellow developers.
Some persisted, experimented and researched endlessly to get answers.

And with those answers, one book aimed to teach developers SwiftUI in the simplest and easiest way possible...

Introducing the FREE SwiftUI Views Quick Start Book

The first book of its kind.
A book with workable answers.
A book with an image or video for each code example.
A book that visually shows you exactly what the code produces.
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How Do You Learn?

Here's how this book works:
  • You learn one topic at a time
  • You see the visual result
  • THEN you see the code that created it
Look. Learn!


Do You Like Pictures?

A screenshot for all code samples?
Yes! You see exactly what the code creates.
 Look. Learn. It's that easy.

Do You Like Videos?

I broke the rules of "normal" programming books and embedded videos. Some topics are best seen with video.

Start Your Journey to Mastering SwiftUI Views By Learning the Basics:

Continue Your Journey with Layout

Take Your Next Step With SwiftUI Controls

Learn Other Essential Views To Give Your Apps That Extra Special Touch

Hi, I'm Mark Moeykens...

I wrote "SwiftUI Views Quick Start" for YOU!
  • Easiest way to learn SwiftUI
  • Get answers fast.
  • Save hours of frustration.
  • Picture or a video for every code example.
  • Don't waste time with out-dated answers.
  • Create beautiful UI.
This 200+ page book is not $59.
It's not even $29.

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What Others Are Saying

I'm really enjoying the visual format of the book, especially for learning something like SwiftUI. I love seeing the view and the code that creates that result with added notes to help you navigate around pitfalls. Pitfalls which probably took Mark hours to solve.
It's easy to jump in and hop around as a reference guide but can also be enjoyed front to back as I'm doing now. I'll definitely be referring back to this during my SwiftUI development.
Chris Ching - @CodeWithChris
This book is one of those things I constantly keep open on my computer for reference while I work; it has helped me so much, I love it! I’m a visual learner, so being able to see the code side-by-side with the UI example is golden!
Scott Smith (@scottsmithdev)
This is a book of simple explanations, combined with simple to complicated examples. I can easily see this book becoming a SwiftUI how-to reference that you’d come back to over and over again. I am pleased with the depth of the sample code, without the typical useless project-oriented code in many tutorials. If you are a visual learner, this book is for you. The sheer amount of concise information and samples is pretty astounding. There is no way you can just blaze through this book in a few hours. If someone said, you can get just one book on SwiftUI, this would be my first choice.
Cole Joplin (@colejoplin)
An absolutely stunning, informative, work of art. Mark has consolidated everything you need to know about SwiftUI into a beautiful book with code snippets and pictures.
Kilo Loco (@Kilo_Loco)
YES! I Want My FREE Copy Of SwiftUI Views Quick Start Book!