The SwiftUI Views Live Series by Mark Moeykens

The SwiftUI Views Live Series

Mastering SwiftUI views one episode at a time.
Join me as I teach you how to improve your SwiftUI skills and your UI, one topic at a time.


Episode 1: Mastering Layout with Blueprints
Want to Master SwiftUI Layout?
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What are blueprints?
1.77 MB
SwiftUI Views Live: 1 - Mastering Layout with Blueprints
Xcode Project
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Episode 2: Enhancing Your UI with Shadows
Do You Want to Know the Secrets of Creating Depth in Your UI?
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SwiftUI Views Live: 2 - Using Shadows to Enhance Your UI
Xcode Project
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Episode 3: Creating Your Perfect Color Scheme
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SwiftUI Views Live: 3 - Color Schemes in SwiftUI
The Finished UI
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Episode 4: Exploring Horizontal Grid Options in SwiftUI 2.0
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Deciding on the right horizontal layout option
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Fixed, Flexible or Adaptive Grid?
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Row and Column Spacing
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Fixed Grid Item Sizes
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LazyHGrid Row & Column Spacing
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SwiftUI Views Live: 4 - Horizontal Grid Layout Options in SwiftUI 2.0
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Properties Mean Different things for Different Grids
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