Code with Chris Partnership!

Mark Moeykens
Feb 16, 2022
Hello, everyone, I have some big news for you today.

Code with Chris and I have partnered up!

As of today, my Explorers Club membership and all included products have been migrated to

We thought this was the best way to serve our audiences wanting to learn SwiftUI.

Don't worry, you still have access to all the training and more.

Who is CodeWithChris?

Premium Training
Many of you already know that Chris Ching started many years ago and has been offering premium training to new and experienced developers alike.

His training is exemplary and I've always thought that his instruction and training style closely matched my own.

He has been a constant inspiration to me. Not only that but he has also financially supported me in my early days when I started teaching on YouTube through Patreon.

In many ways, Chris has been a mentor and a role model to me. He has helped me navigate these choppy waters as an entrepreneur and has helped me grow personally and as a developer.

I am proud to call him my friend.

Chris also has a YouTube channel here.

His friendly attitude and way of explaining how to program have attracted quite a number of followers!

Why the change?

Chris and I were chatting last year about business and entrepreneurship. Chris was telling me about memberships and his structure, etc.

At the time it sounded interesting.

Then the platform I use came out with a lot of membership changes and improvements and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot.

The idea was to consolidate all the video products under the membership to offer to customers.

It went really well but when you're running a membership I soon found out there is a lot of work to keep it maintained, to keep it current.

And I also wanted to record more videos for YouTube again.

And, of course, I also wanted to maintain the books.

Well, all of this turned out to be a LOT of work for someone who still works a full-time job and has family duties.

So I talked to Chris about taking over the membership. After some negotiation, we worked out a plan we could both agree to, and here we are!

What to expect next?

I worked with Chris and his team and everything is all set up on his side.

If you’re already a member of the CWC membership, then you’ll find the BMS video courses there already.

However, if you’re not, then within the next few days before the end of next week, someone will get in touch with you about creating an account over at so you can still retain access to your BMS video courses until the end of your membership expiration date.

My Explorers Club membership will be phased out and closed by the end of this month. Enrollment has been closed for a few weeks now in preparation for this move.


What if my membership expires at the end of February?
If your membership expires this month then you'll still be able to access everything included in the membership here on my site or at

Will you be creating any more videos?
Yes, but nothing paid. I will create videos for YouTube. The videos and accompanying code will be offered at

Will you be writing more books?
Haha, good question. I have actually started 2 other books and I have a friend that has started another book too.
But I really need to focus on marketing and expanding the business first. Big Mountain Studio is still small and to ensure future survival it has to grow. So that is my priority for now.

What happens when my membership ends on CodeWithChris?
At that point, you will lose access to all the video products. To continue access to the premium content you will need to become a CodeWithChris member (CWC Plus).

What if I already have a membership with CodeWithChris?
Send me the email address you use on and once verified I'll refund you the remaining balance of your membership from March and on.

Will I lose any books I bought?
No. The books you bought will stay with me on the Big Mountain Studio side and I will continue to update them. Membership video courses are going to Books stay with Big Mountain Studio.

Do I have to register and pay for a new account on
No. Someone from will be getting in touch with you via email to set up your new account and give you access.

Why was my membership canceled early?
Everyone's membership was canceled as of February 16, 2022 to prevent automatic payment renewals on
BUT we still know your expiration date.

What if I bought a video course before your Membership?
If you bought a video course before they were all rolled into the membership then you can still retain access to it, even after your membership expires, by informing the good people at codewithchris and showing them your invoice.
Access your invoices by logging in, click your profile (upper right), select Billing. You will see Invoices at the bottom.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions please reach out to me or Chris and I'll update this FAQ.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and for being such great students!