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Mark Moeykens
Jan 28

Almost Lost Big Mountain Studio, Core Data Mastery Book Update, Upcoming Birthday Sale

Hey everyone, I just wanted to provide an update on what has been happening lately here at Big Mountain Studio.

I have be...
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Mark Moeykens
Jun 27, 2022

Core Data Mastery in SwiftUI Progress

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post an update on the Core Data Mastery in SwiftUI book.

I would say I'm probably... half done...
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Mark Moeykens
Apr 23, 2022

Spring Sale Coming in May - Plus More Book Updates

🌷 Spring Sale

There will be a sale coming on the first of May! Mark your calendars:

Keep an eye out for an email notifying...
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Mark Moeykens
Apr 10, 2022

Spring 2022 Book Updates

In this post, you will learn about Spring 2022 book updates.

These are free updates to customers who own the most recent ...
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Mark Moeykens
Feb 28, 2022

Membership All Moved to Code with Chris 👍

All Adventurer members should now be moved over!

This is specifically for the paid membership called Adventurer.
So ther...
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Mark Moeykens
Feb 18, 2022

Getting SwiftUI Transitions to Work in Previews, Simulators & Devices

When you are inserting and removing views from your SwiftUI screen, you can use built-in animations with the use of the ...
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Mark Moeykens
Feb 16, 2022

Code with Chris Partnership!

Hello, everyone, I have some big news for you today.

Code with Chris and I have partnered up!

As of today, my Explorers Cl...
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Mark Moeykens
Dec 27, 2021

Working with SwiftUI Data Book Update

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know the book "Working with Data in SwiftUI" has been updated.

I updated some code/p...
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Mark Moeykens
Nov 13, 2021

November Updates

Apple Books Changes in Monterey

When macOS Monterey was released, it came with an updated version of Apple Books.

This cau...
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Mark Moeykens
Nov 6, 2021

How to customize the TabView in SwiftUI in 2023?

Using SwiftUI, learn:
  • How the TabView has changed
  • How background colors affect the TabView
  • How to set a custom backgro...
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