Almost Lost Big Mountain Studio, Core Data Mastery Book Update, Upcoming Birthday Sale

Mark Moeykens
Jan 28, 2023
Hey everyone, I just wanted to provide an update on what has been happening lately here at Big Mountain Studio.

I have been inactive for a while because I am going through a divorce. And what to do with Big Mountain Studio was undecided up until recently.

There were many possibilities for Big Mountain Studio's future:
  • Sell the company
  • Sell my half of the company
  • Sell my wife's half of the company
  • She buys me out
  • I buy her out
  • Close the company

The good news is she accepted my offer to buy her out of her half.

This means I'm back to owning 100% of Big Mountain Studio and can now continue working on it once again! I had forgotten how much joy it brings me to help others and create educational materials.

Core Data Mastery in SwiftUI

I have resumed working on Core Data Mastery in SwiftUI. Things are a little slow right now because I have to get back into the Core Data mindset again.

I literally went back and re-read over 300 pages of the book that were already written.

Some of the book conventions were updated as a result, such as these annotations:

Sign Up to Get Notified

Someone on Twitter asked me how to sign up to get notified. And it struck me, "I never set up a way for people to get notified!"

So I created a product image and then a landing page so people could sign up to get notified now:

When will it be released?

I'm aiming for before April! 

And yes, it could be sooner than that. But April is the latest.

Upcoming Birthday Sale

The annual birthday sale is coming up soon!

My birthday is on Feb 10th and the discount is equal to the age I will be turning and this year that is 52!

So that means 52% off of:
  • Working with Data in SwiftUI
  • SwiftUI Views Mastery
  • SwiftUI Animations Mastery
  • Combine Mastery in SwiftUI

This used to be a one-day sale but after 3 years of experience with this now I think I'm going to make it a 3-day sale because, with just one day, I get a ton of people messaging me the following days with how they were busy the day of the sale and missed it.

OK, well that's it for me. I wish everyone the best while I get back to working on Core Data Mastery with SwiftUI!

Your SwiftUI friend,
Mark Moeykens


Ronnie Pitman
Jan 28, 2023
Best wishes for happier days ahead.
Mark Moeykens
Jan 28, 2023
Thanks, Ronnie!