Spring 2022 Book Updates

Mark Moeykens
Apr 10, 2022
In this post, you will learn about Spring 2022 book updates.

These are free updates to customers who own the most recent books so go ahead and download the updated books!

SwiftUI Views Mastery (iOS 15)

  • Disabled modifier - There is a dedicated page for this in the Buttons chapter and a dedicated section for this in the OTHER MODIFIERS chapter towards the end of the book.
  • Header Prominence - In iOS 15 there was a new modifier that slipped by me called headerProminence that can be used to style your Section headers. Examples can be found in the Form and List sections of the book.
  • Link options - I included more examples of how to use the Link view to call, email, and message. There are also examples of how to apply the iOS 15 button styles to the Link view.
  • Custom NavigationView - It looks like these pages were misplaced in the NavigationLink section. I corrected this and moved them into NavigationView.
  • SeachCompletion - The example in the book actually didn't work the way it was laid out. The searchable modifier will treat views within as a single row. Single rows that have more than one searchCompletion modifier will default to using the LAST searchCompletion modifier. This has been fixed.
  • Labels in TabViews - Since the release of Label views in iOS 15 I've been seeing more and more developers use them to set a TabView's tab's image and text. I really like this use of the Label view so I included an example of this.

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Working with Data in SwiftUI

  • Property Wrappers - New chapter explaining what they are, how they work, and how to create and use them. It comes right before the @State chapter.
  • Input & Event Modifiers - New chapter covering how to react to data changes in different ways within SwiftUI. Includes:
    • onChange (including how to access the previous value that got changed)
    • onReceive (with examples connected to an observable object)
    • onSubmit (also shows how to use the submitLabel modifier as they work really well together)

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