Spring Sale Coming in May - Plus More Book Updates

Mark Moeykens
Apr 23, 2022

­čîĚ Spring Sale

There will be a sale coming on the first of May! Mark your calendars:

Keep an eye out for an email notifying you when it starts. 

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Book Updates

Combine Mastery in SwiftUI

  • Updated the Fail publisher to show more in detail how the error enum works with the UI.
  • Adjusted the table of contents indentation to work better with ePUBS in Apple Books.

SwiftUI Views Mastery

  • I now include all the topics within a chapter in the table of contents. There were some chapters that were getting big, like List and Text views and so that led to a lot of page-flipping to find what you were looking for. Now you can more quickly find exactly what you are looking for!
  • ActionSheet - Example on iPad and attaching directly to the view you want the arrow pointing to.
  • Menu - Example of using Section within menus.
  • FullScreenCover - Example of using it to overlap NavigationView and TabView.
  • AllowsHitTesting - Example of when you would want to turn off hit testing on a view.

Working with Data in SwiftUI

  • Brand new chapter on working with JSON! Many of you work with JSON all the time when it comes to using online services. This reference will assist you in encoding and decoding and how to work around the common challenges of working with JSON.
    • The basics of JSON, what is it, and how does it work?
    • What data types are used?
    • Why is it called "encoding"?
    • What is UTF-8 and why does it matter?
    • When mismatched properties are ok and when they are not.
    • How to decode dates.
    • How do you decode into enums?
    • How to decode into enums and bind to a Picker view?
    • What if the JSON doesn't match your property names?
    • How do you work with nested objects?
All examples use observable objects to keep them more "real world".


So there you go! Lots of updates for you to enjoy.
  • Download updates to your books today.
  • ­čîĚRemember, there will be a sale starting on May 1st.

Your SwiftUI friend,
Mark Moeykens
Big Mountain Studio