How to Migrate Your Project from SwiftUI 1.0 to SwiftUI 2.0 (Or from Xcode 11.x to 12.x)
July 04, 2020
I wanted to migrate my SwiftUI project to use the new App protocol as you see here:

import SwiftUI

struct TestApp: App {
    var body: some Scene {
        WindowGroup {

Here are the steps I took and the mistakes I made along the way.

File to Add

Add a new file that will hold the code for your struct to conform to the App protocol.

Warning: Do not name the new struct the SAME name as your project.

Although your project will run fine, your previews on the canvas will throw an error and not render. The error being:

Compiling failed: '[File]' is not a member type of '[project name]'

Just append the word "App" to your struct name to be safe.

Files to Delete

  1. AppDelegate
  2. SceneDelegate
  3. LaunchScreen.storyboard

Info.plist Changes

  1. Delete the Scene Configuration under Application Scene Manifest.
  2. Delete "Launch screen interface file base name" key.
  3. Delete "Main storyboard file base name" key.
  4. Add "Launch Screen" key.

OK, that should be it! Be sure to set your starting view in the App file and run your project.

Common Errors

My screen looks weird
When you ran your project, did it look like this:

If so, then you forgot to do step 4 when making changes to your Info.plist. This key doesn't require a value but if the key is not added, it'll make your screens look funny.

Build Errors
"Entry point (_main) undefined. for architecture x86_64"
Solution: Add @main to the beginning of your struct that implements the App protocol (see example at top of post).

"'Scene'/'WindowGroup'/'main()' is only available in iOS 14.0 or newer"
Solution: Change your deployment info so your project targets iOS 14.0 or higher.
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Trying this out and I'm getting a blank screen in Simulator. I even tried creating a new project from scratch (with CoreData which my project uses) while making no changes at all and it displays a blank screen in Simulator too. Not sure how to debug this since I'm not getting any build errors or errors in the console.

Forgot to mention I'm using Xcode Version 12.0.1 (12A7300).

Simone Girardi

Thanks! 🙂🙏🏻

Mark Moeykens

You're welcome!


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