Exciting October Updates! 🎃
October 29, 2019
I have a lot of really exciting news. Some big, some small...

News Summary

  1. SwiftUI Views 
    1. Now available in ePub format!
    2. Now has a built-in table of contents for easier navigating (see the third page of the new edition for example.)
    3. Pages are slightly darker to provide better contrast for reading.
    4. Switched to section text from gold to white for better contrast for reading.
    5. Content changes and improvements (see below for complete list).
  2. SwiftUI Views Jumpstart on Amazon
    1. A special edition of SwiftUI Views called "SwiftUI Views Jumpstart" is now available on Amazon! Read more below.
  3. Visual Swift Memory Mastery Video Course - Now available on Big Mountain Studio!
    1. I moved the course over from Udemy. Thanks to all that helped test it! (Note: This is no longer available on Udemy.)
    2. Added some new bonus content. 👍 Check it out!
  4. SwiftUI Animations
    1. A new textbook in progress!
    2. Thank you, beta readers, for all your feedback so far. ✊
    3. Sign up to get notified when it's finished!
  5. New Blog - Climber's Camp
    1. Tips, tricks, and good ol' fashioned SwiftUI

❇️ SwiftUI Views

I messed up! As a first-time author, I thought I had an awesome app to create this book. And to be fair, the software is actually pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it is made more for print publishing and cannot export to ePub. A lot of readers asked for an ePub edition. I spent MANY hours manually porting the 500+ page book over to another app. My wife and daughter had gone to Brazil and this allowed me to stay up many nights and weekends with no distractions to get this done.

Here are all the changes I made to the book. A lot of polish, really.

Xcode Project

Was missing CustomStyling and ImageModifiers chapters. Sorry, everyone! 😲

Layout Views

  • Updated Min, Mid, Max with better formatting and another screenshot to show differences in values with different devices. (Thanks, Ben!)

Control Views

  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code
  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code.
  • The way list footers look changed. Updated screenshot.
  • Removed Page: The trick to stopping separator lines from showing after the last row with data no longer works.
  • Changed the way I color the Stepper with labelsHidden.

Controls Modifiers

  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code.
  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code.

Layout Modifiers

  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code.
  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code.

Effect Modifiers

  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code.
  • The way ContentShape and/or onTapGesture works has changed so I updated the content here with a new problem/solution example.
  • Updated colors for consistency, included more code, updated code.


I finally figured out how to publish to amazon.com. This in itself was a whole new learning curve. It has a different title and cover design to differentiate it from SwiftUI Views because it is different.

How is this different?
Originally, I just had the free sample that you can get from my website on there. At about 200 pages it's a book all by itself. But then I found out that you can't have free books on Amazon. I gave it the lowest price I could within its pricing scheme which is $2.99 USD. It didn't seem right to charge for the same content that you can get on my site for free so I included an extra chapter.

Amazon does allow you to run 5-day promotions so I kicked one off so this edition is FREE until Thursday! Please get it before then and leave a review if you currently have the free sample of my book. It would really mean a lot to me. Thanks!

❇️Visual Swift Memory Mastery

Yes, the popular Swift memory course is now being hosted on my website. I'm super excited to be able to finally host my own video courses. If you're not familiar with it, check it out here and see what you think. You can see the whole curriculum. It's not a long course but it is specialized and what you learn is asked in almost every job interview. This technology is essential to all developers. But once you got it, you got it.

❇️SwiftUI Animations

What? A new book? YES! Oh man, I love this subject! I'm having a great time putting this together. And how best to teach animations? By showing the animations! This book will be in ePub format only because ALL code samples will have a video preview to go with it.

Yes, this book is designed to help you master animations with exercises, challenges, and quizzes. I'm going to show you how to do many animations, how to put them together to achieve some UI or UX purpose. I'll ask you questions about what you learned then show you animations in which you have to figure out how to reproduce in SwiftUI using the knowledge you just gained.

Then I'm going to have you TEACH one of your favorite parts of the chapter to others. When you teach, you retain WAY more knowledge as you will see. You'll find out how I'll have you do this when the book is released. (Of course, this isn't mandatory but instead will be a fun little exercise.😃)

This book is now in pre-release which means you can sign up to get notified on status updates and when it gets released. 📆 With a lot of this other work now finished and good feedback from beta readers, I hope to dedicate more time to finishing this book.

❇️Climber's Camp Blog

If you want SwiftUI knowledge delivered right to your inbox then you can subscribe to the Climber's Camp. Go check it out and see if this is something you'd want delivered to you.

Whew! Well, that's all I have for you this October. I've been super busy with all of this and I'm probably going to take a short break for Halloween. (It's my favorite holiday! 🎃)

Take care, everyone! 👋
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